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NFC and positioning extensions for museums and exhibitions

Posted: August 21, 2015 at 9:09 am, Category: Devices,

Today is a great day. Because we’re finishing the great stage of developing of new version of ETG hardware. It is an magical NFC and indoor positioning system feature is coming. Soon, my dear readers, you will be able to equip your museums and exhibitions with tags and beacons, which radically extend experience of visitors of your exhibition / museum / city.

Imagine, you’re walking around the city and listening stories about everything around. One moment, being closer to museum that equipped with our tags, you are prompted like “this museum has ETG tags installed and ready for your visiting”. You’re getting in and listening the story about each object demonstrated inside. Isn’t that fantastic?

Electronic Tour Guide, the GPS City audio companion, RFID and positioning extensions for museums and exhibitions
This is how Electronic Tour Guide RFID tag looks like (blue version). It can be placed near exhibits that you would like to tell.

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