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The library for mobile applications shall be …

Tom Nall is testing the Electronic Tour Guide mobile application in Millennium Park near the Clowd Gate.

Electronic Tour Guide application in Millennium Park, Chicago

Under the pressure of requests, the 1st version of library for smartphones has been created. The photo shows the application for clients, testing in Chicago.

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From the other side of the planet ….

G’day Dmitry, We received the electronic tour guide yesterday, and trialed it Its absolutely fantastic, worked much better than I initially envisaged Very impressed, the sound quality is great, it worked well in the caves, the extra audio impressed us and the electronic tour guide receiver is a very sexy peace of gear. We will be in touch in the next few days, to talk about what steps we need to take to go forward….

Segway Uluru Camel Tours, testing Electronic Tour Guide (Uluru, Australia, Jan 2017)

Nice to read :)

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Updated version of Electronic Tour Guide coming to Riga

Old Riga in all its glory greeted us with a sunny but not very warm day. Nevertheless, we managed to walk around town, listen to fascinating stories with freshly updated software, and before had a cup of coffee and even invented a couple of great ideas for the development of the whole venture.

New version of Electronic Tour Guide in Riga
Dmitrijs Bļizņuks testing the new version of firmware in Riga.

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ETG coming to Spain, Guadalest partners starting the service

We are glad to announce that our partners in Guadalets (Spain) start to provide the service with our devices today. All devices are equipped with RFID reader that make possible to enjoy stories inside the Orduña House Museum as well as outside during the walk around this tiny and beautiful city — the hidden pearl in the heart of Spain.

Electronic tour Guide, the GPS City audio companion, coming to Spain, Guadalest partners starting the service
FedEx introduced new rules for the transport of LiPo batteries. So I had to go and bring the whole butch of devices to Paris, where we have an agreement for a meeting. The moment of the solemn transfer of the batch of ETG devices to our happy client. Gare du Nord, Paris.

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Point of sale in Art Elephant gift shop

Electronic Tour Guide, the GPS City audio companion, Point Of Sale in Art Elephant gift shop
that’s how it looks like :)

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New leaflets with up to 25% off

Clients of our partners receive 10 and 25 percent off on rent of Electronic Tour Guide.
The discount is so sweet that even Charles IV wanted to get it :)


To do this, we have come up with extra promo-codes to enter in a special field on the site when ordering the device.

To receive the discount, don’t forget to ask a manager or administrator at the reception in partner’s office.
More information about our partners is on the website.

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Enhance your tourist experience with our new partner!

“Robotour” is a Segway rental point located conveniently right in the centre of Prague. Now you can not only take a fun unforgettable ride along twisting streets of the city, but also have an advantage to hear entertaining stories read by our Audio-guide on the way.

Be careful though! If you change the location too quickly, you may not hear the whole story! You may prefer to walk around Prague at first to get to know the city and then have an enjoyable ride along already familiar streets.

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Our new partner!

Art-Sen Gallery is our new partner! Pop into the gallery to familiarize yourself with the artworks of well known and young Eastern European artists and grab one of our devices.

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