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Debugging the unit

Electronic Tour Guide content and map creator

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Making Pad

In support of the theory of three stages…

Helmet GPS audio guide, new speaker experimental modifications

Found great speakers that fit perfectly in size and have significantly better frequency response performance. However, the enclosures are already moulded for the previous ones. So now in the next version only.

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Ready for Athens

New run of boards for wearables, new batteries and, most importantly, new holders. I decided to replace the old green holders with new ones. All that’s left to do is assemble and everything will be ready to go.

Electronic Tour Guide, components for Athens, Greece, ready for assembly

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Bike & Segway, PCBs and enclosure

Here come the boards and enclosures. The time has come for the final assembly.

Electronic Tour Guide helmet version, boards ready for assembly

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Improvement of the Segway and cyclists’ version

To do a good thing, you need to do it three times: to see how not to do it for the first time. Then to understand How to do it. And eventually…

Electronic Tour Guide, Segway and bike version creation

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Guess what is it?

This is a fresh new delicious 0.09 mH RFID coils. Get ready for the recipe!

Delicious 0.09 mH coils for RFID enabled Electronic Tour Guides


● heat shrinkage 100mm
● magnet copper wire 32 gauge

1. cut heat shrinkage tubule
2. glue it with the piquant drop of cyanoacrylate
3. make 40 turns of the wire around

The dish is ready! 0.09 mH nice 30mm coil RFID antenna. Serve chilled. M-m-m YUMMY !!!

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Creaky’s “Advice of the best chefs”

There is nothing better than fresh fiberglass epoxy mixed with a couple of silicon ICs and a pinch of solder. M… yummy!
Write down the recipe!!!

Electronic Tour Guide, PCB ultrasonic bath cleaning
Additional PCBs cleaning for our secret Berlin project. Coming sooooon!

you will need:
1. Several circuit boards soldered
2. Isopropyl alcohol
3. Window cleaner a la Mr.Muscle (hush!…This line generously paid)
4. Distilled water

Mix it everything and leave for 5 minutes in ultrasonic cleaner.

Enjoy :)

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