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Cheaper? Easy!

Today I’ll tell you how to book our Electronic Tour Guide even cheaper than it is!

Of course we all like discounts, so we have prepared cool offer for you! Here it is:

In case of booking a device a week in advance you get it just for 17.95 EUR and in case a month in advance — 12.95 EUR. The price of the next day is as always 50% discounted.

That is so easy!

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¡Hola! Привет!

Hello, my dear amigos and comrades! New day should start with a good news, right? We have one for you!

If you have visited our website recently you might noticed that now it’s available in Spanish and Russian! You can change the language at the top-right corner of the page.

Guía Electrónica de Praga, Electronic Tour Guide, Электронный GPS путеводитель по Праге

Let’s welcome our clients from Spain and Russia!

¡Explore con plena libertad! Почувствуйте настоящую свободу!

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Valentine’s surprise

Hello, my dear friends! I have just heard that today is a special day for the loved ones on the Earth – Saint Valentine’s Day. There is similar holiday on my planet, called 01000101 01100100 01101001 01110101 01100111 01100101 01110110 01101111 01101100. Oh, I cannot get used to the fact that you don’t speak Binarish Numerish. In your language it means Ediugevol. Yes, it is a little bit hard for you to pronounce, Earthmen, but…

Anyway, we have a surprise for couples. You can get loudspeaker and headset splitter absolutely for free till the end of this month! Walk together, explore together. Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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Prices down, quality up!

“Earth is an absolutely amazing place!” The beauty of our planet has stroked Creaky. After couple days he’s started to feel at home in his new apartment. He found it very comfortable and modern, but there is a problem. He hasn’t found perfect furnishing yet.

“Yes, I’m perfectionist!” said Creaky, “and for me it’s a big problem! I accustomed to do anything perfect – spirit and body, home and work”

“Oh, by the way, my job! We had a long dispute with the Creator about one thing. I’m proud to say that I won the debate. My dear friends, I am happy to announce…”

[The sound of drums]

[boooom] Prices now decreased from 19 EUR to 17.95 EUR per day! But surprises aren’t over. Next day will cost you only for a half of price, which means – only 8.95 EUR!

“Isn’t it great?! I am so glad, that our service becomes more and more affordable! I’m so happy!”

“Keep in touch with our news feed, we have a loooot of surprises for you, my friends!”

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2013 is here

Our team has prepared for you a small present. This card has been made in the spirit of our philosophy – using OS Linux and open source software.

The card is under Creative Commons’ license (, which means that the usage is unlimited.

Static version of picture you can find here:

Happy New Year! May your dreams come true! We hope to see you in Prague very soon!

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Christmas is getting closer

Our team want to congratulate you with the first day of winter!

Also today is the first day of Christmas markets at the Old Town Square in Prague. We already have our Prague Christmas tree lighted. We are looking forward to see you in here! 

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We are social

We have our own blog now with cross-posting to facebook and twitter. I can’t say that I’m a big admirer of the centralized social networks, but one marketing expert convinced me that it’s a good thing and very useful…I personally prefer Diaspora, a new type, distributed social networking service. Unfortunately, it’s still not very popular and we decided to limit ourselves to facebook and twitter. Stay tuned!

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Unexpected feedback.

The story of the project posted on Russian blog for IT specialists gave unexpected, but a pleasant feedback! Dmitry is overloaded now with emails from potential clients and partners and writing answers non-stop day and night.


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We’ve launched!

Good news everyone! We’ve launched our project! Customers are welcome to book our incredible unique magic devices from the 15th of May. From 19 Euros per day.

Almost 8 hours of exciting stories in six languages (including English, French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish) are waiting for you. New era of tourist experience is starting now!

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